Date Report Title
January 18, 2018 4Q17 Construction & Mining Equipment Survey: Survey failed to confirm 4Q sales upside; Remain cautious despite recent strength
January 18, 2018 4Q17 Commercial Vehicle Survey: Better-than-feared quarter; Bias remains negative; LNG truck demand on uptrend
January 18, 2018 4Q17 Automotive Survey: Seasonal improvement, lower sentiment; Cautious sales and pricing outlook
January 18, 2018 4Q17 Automation Survey: Strong sales and order trends continued; Process accelerated
January 18, 2018 4Q17 Elevator Survey: Stable sequential trends; Cautious 2018 outlook
January 18, 2018 4Q17 Caps Strong Recovery Year ex-Autos and Elevators; Cautious Outlook for 3/5 Sectors; Raising Automation to Positive
December 20, 2017 Mid-4Q17 Automotive Survey: Seasonal improvement, but muted outlook; Sentiment continued to moderate
December 20, 2017 Mid-4Q17 Automation Survey: Strong sales and order trends continued; Process accelerated
December 20, 2017 Mid-4Q17 Construction & Mining Equipment Survey: Demand trends remain robust, but industry optimism declining; 2018 outlook positive
December 20, 2017 Mid-4Q17 Commercial Vehicle Survey: Fleet owner purchase intentions moderate for fourth consecutive month; Mixed dealer/fleet owner trends through mid-4Q17
December 20, 2017 Mid-4Q17 Survey Suggests Stable Demand Q/Q ex-Trucks; Increased Caution by Fleet Owners; Lowering Commercial Vehicles to Negative
October 23, 2017 3Q17 Trends Mostly Positive; Industry Sentiment Moderating: Machinery/Automation Most Positive; Elevator Trends Deteriorate; Truck Dealer Orders Start to Decelerate; Autos Still Cautious
October 23, 2017 3Q17 Elevator Survey: Deterioration in orders and pricing outlook; Increased caution
October 23, 2017 3Q17 Commercial Vehicle Survey: Strong fleet owners trends; Dealer sentiment moderating; Overloading Crackdown persistent and NS5 impact limited
October 23, 2017 3Q17 Construction & Mining Equipment Survey: Robust 3Q17; Mining aftermarket showed further improvement; Dealer sentiment moderated
October 23, 2017 3Q17 Automation Survey: Strong order trends continued; Process outlook improved
October 23, 2017 3Q17 Automotive Survey: Survey fails to register demand improvement; Sentiment continued to moderate
September 14, 2017 Mid-3Q17 Trends Still Positive, but Signs of Slowdown Emerge: Automation Most Positive; Machinery Decelerating; Limited NS5 Impact; Autos Still Cautious
September 14, 2017 Mid-3Q17 Automation Survey: Strong sales and orders on improved cyclical trends
September 14, 2017 Mid-3Q17 Construction & Mining Equipment Survey: Solid trends through mid-3Q17; Forward sentiment moderating
September 14, 2017 Mid-3Q17 Commercial Vehicle Survey: Sales/orders slow, but fleet owners remain positive; NS5 impact limited; Overloading Crackdown continued
September 14, 2017 Mid-3Q17 Automotive Survey: Survey trends point to sluggish end-demand through mid-3Q17
July 14, 2017 2Q17 Elevator Survey: Stable order trends, but moderated outlooks; Strong aftermarket
July 14, 2017 Strong 2Q17 Balanced by Mixed Outlook and Lower Sentiment Readings; Automation Most Positive; Machinery Peaks, but NS5 Impact on Truck Likely Lower Than Expected; Autos/Elevator Caution
July 14, 2017 2Q17 Commercial Vehicle Survey: Positive quarter balanced by moderating outlook; NS5 pre-buy less than expected; Signs of improvement for LNG trucks
July 14, 2017 2Q17 Automotive Survey: Weak end to the quarter; Downside risks outweigh upside
July 14, 2017 2Q17 Automation Survey: Strong sales and orders on improved cyclical trends; 2017 outlook positive
July 14, 2017 2Q17 Construction & Mining Equipment Survey: Positive 2Q17; Signs of increased caution towards outlook
June 15, 2017 Continued Positive Trends Through Mid-2Q17, But Momentum Clearly Fading; Lowering Trucks to Neutral; Mixed trends in Heavy Machinery; Autos soft; IA stronger
June 15, 2017 Mid-2Q17 Construction & Mining Equipment Survey: Mixed sequential trends, but overall demand positive; Continued uptrend in mining
June 15, 2017 Mid-2Q17 Automation Survey: Strong trends quarter-to-date; 2017 outlook increased
June 15, 2017 Mid-2Q17 Automotive Survey: Continued softening trends; Downside risks outweigh upside
June 15, 2017 Mid-2Q17 Commercial Vehicle Survey: Mixed dealer and freight trends; Overloading crackdown moderating; Downgrading to Neutral
April 19, 2017 Strong 1Q17, but Not Unexpected; 1H17 Visibility Favorable; 2H17 and 2018 Risks Remain: Machinery demand strong; Autos soft; Elevators near-term upside, but outlook remains negative
April 19, 2017 1Q17 Elevator Survey: Better-than-expected start to the year; Outlook still challenged
April 19, 2017 1Q17 Commercial Vehicle Survey: Strong sales/orders trends; Pricing/freight rate expectations at new highs
April 19, 2017 1Q17 Automation Survey: Positive quarter overall; Pricing environment improved
April 19, 2017 1Q17 Automotive Survey: Signs of weakness emerge; Downside risks outweigh upside
April 19, 2017 1Q17 Construction & Mining Equipment Survey: Strong quarter; Mining aftermarket cycle-high; Increased 2017 outlook
March 15, 2017 Mid-1Q17 Commercial Vehicle Survey: Policy and macro drivers continue to underpin favourable trends
March 15, 2017 Mid-1Q17 Automotive Survey: Mixed trends to start the year; Sales and foot traffic declined, but demand more resilient than feared
March 15, 2017 Mid-1Q17 Construction & Mining Equipment Survey: Strong near-term demand; Mining aftermarket cycle-high; Competitive pressures persist
March 15, 2017 Mid-1Q17 Industrial Survey: Strong Start for Machinery; Mixed Trends in Autos and Automation
January 17, 2017 4Q 2016 Elevator Survey: Sequential improvement; Overall conditions remain negative
January 17, 2017 4Q16 Automation Survey: Evident pickup in manufacturing; 2017 outlook ticked up; Process bottom
January 17, 2017 4Q16 Commercial Vehicle Survey: Solid quarter; Policy and macro drivers underpin positive fundamental outlook
January 17, 2017 4Q16 Automotive Survey: Strong sales boosted by pre-buy; 2017 outlook up on tax incentive extension
January 17, 2017 4Q16 Construction & Mining Equipment Survey: Strong quarter; 2017 outlook ticked up on positive N/T trends
January 17, 2017 4Q16 Industrial Automation Survey: Solid Quarter Reflecting Broad-Based Improvement Across Industrials
December 15, 2016 Mid-4Q16 Industrial Automation Survey: Continued improvement; Pricing and outlook better