About Silk Road Research

Silk Road Research (SRR) is an independent market research firm focused on providing business intelligence in industries across China and Southeast Asia. Our research & consultation services include research reports and bespoke projects. The reports and consultation is independent from, and has no ties to, any broker-dealer or issuer. SRR is neither a registered broker-dealer nor is it affiliated with a broker-dealer. SRR does not carry out investment banking activities. Our research comprises of access to a broad range of content including thematic reports, market analysis & commentary, daily and weekly industry updates, monthly and quarterly business surveys and macro research.

Silk Road Research seeks to foster a reputation for integrity and professionalism. Our reputation is our most vital business asset. We highly value the confidence and trust placed in us by our clients. Silk Road Research adheres to the strictest compliance standards, which is a fully integrated part of its research process.